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Private Classes, Workshops, and Instruction

Cindy Rose offers instruction in the healing arts for Licensed Massage Therapists and the general public. Courses are intended to help people improve quality of life for their clients, their families, and for themselves.

She has been an instructor since 2004 and taught at the three top rated massage schools on Maui. Cindy provides beginning and advanced courses for professionals in the bodywork field, which includes classes for large and small groups and private trainings structured for spa staff, companies, non-profits, and government agencies. In addition, individual tutoring is available for people who wish to offer massage care for their family and loved ones.

 Ongoing private classes include:

  • Thai Massage: floor and table techniques

  • Barefoot Massage Back Walk

  • Swedish Massage

  • Side-Lying techniques

  • Body mechanics

Course Fees:

  • 8-hour (1 day) class: $150 per student (minimum 4 students): An introduction to Table Thai, Swedish Massage and Side-lying

  • 21-hour (3 day) course: $350 per student. Includes instruction booklet and certificate of completion for Traditional Northern Floor Thai and Barefoot Massage/Back-Walk.

  • Personalized private tutoring: $100 per hour in the modalities you choose.

  • Small group classes. Course content, price, & length TBD.

  • Spa Training (on all islands). Course content, price, & length TBD.

Customized massage courses are available to meet your learning objectives.

Contact Cindy Rose to organize or participate in a private training at or 808-283-4256.

Classes: Welcome
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