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Several clients share their experiences and how our work together has supported their wellness journey.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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Cindy Rose is an amazing Massage Therapist - I consider her my "specialist".
I have been to her for some injuries that I was pretty sure would just be a problem for the rest of my life. She tackles the area of concern and spends extra time using different modalities on the area; a few sessions and those issues are gone!
For example, I had some neck and shoulder problems from carrying a heavy tool belt on my shoulder for decades, and it finally got unbearable.  Cindy zoned in on the area, and I changed the way I was carrying my tools, and I no longer have that issue. I found out I had Osteoarthritis in my knee, and she focused on that area, and I was able to bend my knee all the way again and sit cross-legged, which I could not do before seeing her. She is constantly getting trained on new modalities and has more energy than any other Therapist I have ever been to.  She is always professional and cheerful, and focused on YOU.  Her pricing is reasonable, and she really bends over backward to get you scheduled in as soon as possible.  I can only say positive things about my experiences with Cindy Rose.  Do not hesitate to give her a call and set up an appointment.

Valerie Sisneros - Kokomo, Maui

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