Cindy Rose is an amazing Massage Therapist, I consider her my "specialist".
I have been to her for some injuries that I was pretty sure would just be a problem for the rest of my life.
But she tackles the area of concern and spends extra time using different modalities on the area, a few sessions and those issues are gone!
     For example, I had some neck and shoulder problems from carrying a heavy tool belt on my shoulder for decades and it finally got unbearable.  Cindy zoned in on the area and I changed the way I was carrying my tools and I no longer have that issue.
     I found out I had Osteoarthritis in my knee and she focused on that area and I am able to bend my knee all the way again and sit cross-legged, which I could not do  before seeing her.
     She is constantly getting trained on new modalities and has more energy than any other Therapist I have ever been to.  She is always professional and cheerful and focused on YOU.  Her pricing is reasonable and she really bends over backwards to get you scheduled in as soon as possible.  I can only say positive things about my experiences with Cindy Rose.  Do not hesitate to give her a call and set up an appointment.
Valerie Sisneros



I came to Cindy Rose a few months ago with excruciating sciatic & nerve pain. I couldn’t sleep for days. The pain was like nothing I had ever felt. She treated me with the utmost professionalism. After a detailed consultation, Cindy Rose approached me with total awareness, a very subtle & effective technique (craniosacral). I started feeling relief immediately & have not had that pain since. I felt very comfortable and safe in an extremely vulnerable state of being. Not only is she a true healer, Cindy Rose genuinely cares. 

-Carissa Franco


      I have been so relaxed and pain free after being massaged by Cindy that I decided to schedule one every other week. It is such a pleasurable treat to indulge myself and reap the health benefits as well.

     My partner also felt like it was the best therapeutic massage he had ever received! We are so thrilled that we

discovered this wonderfully talented woman with gentle yet firm techniques. Whatever pressure you prefer, Cindy`s hands will provide it, and you`ll leave there a new person!


Patty Smith & Ernie

Makawao, Hawaii


     Being a Trainer in the Skincare Profession, I have been a part of Cindy Rose’s massage training classes for many years and have observed her strict teaching techniques.
     She has the patience (of Job) when training local or foreign students, ensuring they understand the curriculum in theory and practical aspects of the human anatomy. Cindy is very much a hands-on Instructor who is well respected and sought after by students in Hawaii and overseas.
     I highly recommend Cindy’s training classes to those seeking Massage Therapy as a profession. She possesses a vast knowledge of body work, and unselfishly shares that with her students.
Betty  Schneider
CIDESCO  Graduate


      I had struggled with walking and hip/lower back issues for a long time and did not think there was a solution for my issues. A friend suggested I try Thai massage and Cindy, as she had really helped them with their issues. I was a bit skeptical, as Thai massage was new to me. SO- 3 years later, I am a regular customer of Cindy's and not only a believer in Thai and the incredible work that Cindy does, but I am walking without pain and my flexibility has improved! As well as being an extraordinary therapist, Cindy is a delight to work with, as she is such a positive and happy person. I will be a customer for years to come!

Jean P